Key questions to consider from business, finance, and HR perspectives that influence CRE projects



Real Estate Perspective


New models... new markets

How do you see technology influencing your business?

Do you expect your business environment to change?

Developing new talent and cultural change

How will the demographic of your work force change over the next 5 – 10 years?

Flexible and adaptable for changing needs

Is your work space adaptable in case of changing needs in the future?


Problem solving and implementing ideas

What are the big issues facing your business? 

Are your staff fully engaged?

Collaboration and collective responsibility

Are your staff happy? How could your property improve their engagement?

Co-design and choice of work settings

Have you considered giving your staff input into the layout and design of their workspace?


Mission alignment and brand identity

What type of building reflects your brand? How important is your property to the image of your business?

Authentic cultural reflection

Does your property reflect your brand ethos to employees?

Physical embodiment of values

How could your work space represent your brand to employees, clients and customers?


Communication and knowledge sharing

How could your property improve the effectiveness of your communication? How could your phone and IT systems be future-proofed?

Enhancing productivity and wellness

Would you benefit from certain teams working more closely together?

Access to information and tools

What would be the most effective layout for your business? Single floor, flexible space, etc?


Streamlining process

Have you considered how new technology could streamline your business?

Headcount and density management

Do you monitor levels of occupation? Could your space be used more efficiently for your headcount?

Cost per sq m, cost reduction & energy efficiency

Have you considered how new ways of configuring your workspace could reduce your operating costs?


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