Post Covid 19 – New Operational office strategies

As attention now focusses on the return to work and offices, businesses are having to consider and adapt to the new paradigm.

This will include considering strategic issues such as the optimum physical presence of the business. Should they adopt a Hub, Hub and Spoke or Distributed offices approach?

In addition, they need to work out their approach to remote working. This is the big change brought on by the Pandemic, as many staff have found the flexibility of working from home very helpful, to regain work-life balance. It has also been established that this can aid productivity. This leads businesses to consider implementing work practices making remote working optional, or have staff working primarily remote, or going the whole hog an operating fully remote.

Just consider, a business that organises itself around a workforce that now works 25% from home, 25% working 2 days from home and 3 days in office, the remaining 50% working in the office, will potentially need 35% LESS space in the future.

See the infographic below which sets out the options and illustrates the total property cost savings that can be captured via London decentralisation.



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