Where shall I locate my business? – Location Strategy

The first step is to undertake a Location Strategy to identify where your business needs will be best met and supported going forward.

Your Location strategy will inevitably focus on all or most of these key criteria; –

  • Access to Talent/workforce and comparative costs
  • Availability and cost of suitable property to support your inspired workplace.
  • Transport communications such as connectivity to London, Airport(s), your existing workforce, and markets.
  • Access to amenities such as Hotels, Leisure, Retail etc..
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer/market analysis
  • Supports business workplace strategy – Hub, Spoke (satellite office), Flexible work from home options.

To deliver this insight we utilise Government data sources, using Sector industry codes, Occupational industry codes, commercial property data amongst other information sources. (Example below Thames Valley industry comparative analysis of an industry sector – in this case showing strengths of Maidenhead and Oxford particularly).

This may also involve “Travel to work” analysis, for existing staff, looking at multi modes of Private and Public transport options to compare strength of property options.

This analysis can be set in a comparative context, so that it can help answer the key question…. Where shall I locate my business?

Once the Location has been settled the next stage will be to identify granular available and suitable property options. These can be developed into a short list for viewings and consideration. These options can then be comparatively measured by both Quality and Cost. From this data a best solution(s) can be identified for negotiation and acquisition.

In the final analysis this analytical process will deliver best solution and in process output data that can inform and demonstrate an audit trail of the final decision.

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